Cut the cord with cable TV and save over $ 1000.00/year

We cut the cord to our cable TV and the separation was painless and we are happy with the decision.

It is here and it is showing up in our homes quietly. Internet TV instead of cable or satellite TV.  Streaming  is very well known to all of us. We stream music, movies, news, and all other content that we can think of. Many movie providers in the past only associated with cable or satellite TV decided to provide content only in  internet stream option. Disney Movies are no longer available on cable or satellite TV, instead all of us can enjoy the classic and new movies streamed right in to our high definition TV's. So after enjoying all the streaming services we subscribe to for some time like Netflix, Hulu, You Tube, Prime Video, and more we decided to try the "new kid on the block"  You Tube TV And it was the love ant first sight! Not only because of the price (we cut our cable bill about $ 100.00 /month) but because of the variety of the content offered by this platform. We have our local networks in addition to over 100 other major TV channels.My wife likes Hallmark movies so we had to subscribe to that service outside the YouTube TV but it was not an issue. I have tried the Sling TV form Dish Network, however the lack of the local network channels took it of my list. Hulu TV was not very friendly and the channel selection is not impressive. So after trying You Tube TV for a couple of weeks we decided to keep it. My home is equipped with URC Total Control remote control system so every TV is easy to control with a touch of a single button on an URC remote, phone, or a tablet screen. I can control every TV with an app loaded on my phone if I can't find the remote control (a common occurrence in our house since my 9 year old daughter is constantly loosing them around the rooms). So what do I use to stream the content? I have tested several content streaming devices and the winner is Roku. I have found the Roku streaming devices not only the least expensive but also the most dependable, stable, and easy to use. The Roku 4K Stick is the most affordable and user friendly but it has tendencies to stop working and the only solution is to reset the power, however it does not happen that often and the power reset is as easy as to unplug the power cable and plug it back in.. The Roku Premiere is the best of the family of streamers with not only fast and stable operation but the option of watching TV and listening to the sound from a headset plugged to the sound output on the hand held remote, and it is the winner with my wife when one of us have a sleepless night. 

With the unlimited DVR we can watch every movie or show whenever we like, and it will even let you skip the adds by forwarding to the next segment, a big plus for me since I don't like to watch adds for products I am not interested to purchase. I can also watch the local networks and any other channel on my phone or tablet. On our trip to Florida I  connected my phone to the wireless access point in our travel trailer and I was able to watch local channels  from our home town because I blocked the locator in our router so the network still recognized us as being at our local home area. 

The initial investment in the streaming equipment equal to little more than one year of savings on our cable bill (you still have to have fast internet access from your cable or phone provider to stream the TV) but the savings not only paid for the equipment but upgraded us to the beginning of 21 century television. Using the URC remote system made it so simple to operate that my 81 year old mother who is staying with us is now addictive to the TV screen because she can " surf" the channels with the speed of my 9 year old daughter, and has no problem to operate the TV's and find the program she likes. 

Since installing multimedia systems is my business of choice, I have designed and tested the best possible solution for me and my customers. I have installed many systems recently due to the current Covid 19 situation, and so far all my customers who made the change have no complaints. 

And here is the best of this, the main question asked before the installation was: what will happen if the internet is out? Well, if the internet is out while you still have the old cable system you will stop receiving the cable TV anyway because the cable TV is now deliver over the internet signal to your house anyway. However with the new system you can still watch TV on your phone or because you are using your home network to distribute the streaming TV content  to your TV's all you have to do is mirror your phone or tablet with cellular connection and the You Tube TV app to the streaming device of your choice connected to any of the  TV's , and you are back in business. Unless the cell towers in town are down too, but this is another story, and if that happens we better take cover. 

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My TV with You Tube TV on. 

My URC remote screen with simple one touch icon 


Mobile Phone with You Tube TV app installed, we can 

watch TV anywhere and anytime. 

Live TV screen on my phone

My DVR screen 

22nd Aug 2020 Jerzy Makowski ®

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