Super flat TV installation

Super flat TV installation

So, you want to install TV on the wall, and your biggest concern is that your wife doesn’t want to see the cables and any of the equipment. not to mention you want the skinny TV to be as close to the wall as possible. How are you going to do it? Well, we have solution for you. In-wall equipment boxes. You can choose from different sizes and shapes depend of your equipment placement size needs and the system design. They can be installed at the time of a new home construction or retrofit in existing wall at later time. The choice depends on situation. When you install it or have it install you may need an access to the equipment so the wise choice would be to install articulating arm TV mount instead of the flat TV mount so you can easily move the TV instead removing it from the wall to get to the cable box, streaming device etc. The equipment may need to be reset by unplugging the power or push the reset button so you need an easy access. It may be more costly to use an articulating TV mount arm,  but believe me after doing all the customer installation I know it is worth it. When you decide and plan for your installation talk to our technical support, we will give you the best advice how to make your project as simple as possible. And check out our photo gallery in the blog or (click >) on line for more information how to do it. Don’t forget, “we are here to help”!

No equipment on the table, all equipment hidden behind the TV

Super flat mount 1.25" from the wall 

The mount moves easily for easy access to the equipment behind

No visible cables 

10th Aug 2019 Jerzy Makowski

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