Fibaro Z-Wave Controller Gateway Home Center Lite

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  • Fibaro Home Center Lite
  • Fibaro Z-Wave Controller Gateway  Home Center Lite


Home Center Lite

Home Center Lite is a super compact controller which uses a web based, feature rich graphic interface for simple programming. Control of your home devices is achieved through a wide range of native apps, voice control by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. When creating Home Center Lite, we applied proven solutions that we also use in the Home Center 2. Specially tailored to your needs, Home Center Lite seamlessly integrates with a wide range of multimedia systems and has a large library of drivers for  TV’s, IP camera, and other 3rd party devices. Suitably compact, Home Center Lite lets you manage your smart home using simple interfaces locally or remotely.

The Home Center Lite is a smart gateway - hub that connects together all Fibaro and and other 3rd party devices  3rd party devices require available plug-ins). This small sized gateway communicates and manages up to 230 devices wirelessly using Z-Wave protocol. The Home Center Lite easy to use interface allows you to customize your home automation settings. With “Magic scenes”, you can create “if.  Home Center Lite also has the capabilities to create “macro scenes”, allowing you to create more advanced and customized automations. For example, your outdoor lights will turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. Home Center Lite’s interface has a built-in power management functionality. By using the Fibaro system, You can monitor current energy consumption, as well as the energy consumption history, which enables you to keep track of the devices consuming the most power. Clear, easy to read charts show detailed statistics that will help you compare usage numbers and estimate future utility bill charges. Arm Cortex a8 720 MHz processor optimized memory + fast processor = quick communication between Fibaro system devices. Z-wave hardware architecture used in home center lite makes Z-Wave based home automation system work much easier than ever. Radio frequency: 908. 4 MHz for the US market, 128Mb SLC hard drive significantly improved user safety thanks to Fibaro group proprietary approach to data protection. Each Home Center Lite has its’ own recovery system, holding system backup in cloud, unique to each gateway. This feature protects each system completely from unauthorized access.

• Smart home unlocked: welcome to the most compatible Z-Wave hub, designed to be as open and as user-friendly as home automation gets. Connect any Z-Wave or IoT devices such as switches & dimmers, locks, cameras, multimedia, HVAC and more, all with one powerful hub.
• Voice control: officially certified to work with Alexa and Google Home. Control your connected devices with your favorite smart home speaker, just like that.
• Private and secure: you can run your smart home 100% locally with Fibaro home center lite. And if you ever need to access your network remotely, use the free mobile app and secure cloud connection on demand.
• Do-it-yourself set-up: program automations and rules for your smart home in the most intuitive z-wave interface. Choose between the "if. . . Then" Magic scene creator and the more advanced macro scene tool, all built into the system.
• You're covered: this Z-Wave certified and UL listed device is designed and built in Europe with legendary European Craftsmanship.

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