Home TV Installation

Home TV Installation

Flat or tilt TV mount with "Power Extender" and TV power reset capability installation


Installing TV on the wall is not as simple as it may look.

There are several aspects that have to be taken under consideration when you are planning your TV installation.

  1. TV Size and weight
  2. Attached equipment location. Cabinet below TV, central location in a closet, or hidden behind the TV.
  3. If hidden behind the TV. Will my equipment (Apple TV, Roku etc.) have enough space behind the TV?
  4. Are there enough power outlets behind the TV to support all the connected devices?
  5. The new “Smart TV, s today are simply computers with processors requiring POWER RESET when the TV circuit goes to the “lock and no more operational” state. How I am going to RESET my “Smart TV” (mostly by disconnecting power from the TV) without taking the TV off the wall to access the power cord or looking for house circuit breaker connected to the TV power circuit?
  6. Will my remote control be able to control all the device from one handset, or I have to use several remotes?
  7. Is my home WIFI strong enough to support high definition video streaming without “buffering” and loosing picture quality?

All of the questions should be answered, and the solutions should be taken under consideration before we start the project. In this article you will find all the answers as well as links to the parts and equipment necessary to complete your project without possible future problems.

Click on the part number below for recommended product details and purchase options. 

Everything that you need to install your flat  TV  on the wall in one box! The best installation kit on the market! 


  • The best installation kit on the market! This installation kit has all the parts necessary to complete your flat or tilt TV installation. The kit includes power extender (no electrician help required to install it) by Legrand® that will allow you to hide all the cables inside the wall and quickly disconnect and connect the TV rom and to the power source without taking the TV off the wall. Flat or tilt TV mount for TV installation up to 70” with all the bolts and mounts necessary to install a new TV (some older model TV’s may require special screws and spacers. If your TV is more than 3 years old, please talk to our technical support. 2 X 15 ft HDMI cables are included in case you are planning to have your equipment located in a cabinet below your TV. When you are ready to start: Please download our step by step guide how to install your TV on the wall and since this guide is created by technician with over 18 years of experience in flat TV installation it is the most detailed instructions how to install TV like a Pro available. (This kit may not be suitable for over the fire place TV installation. Please check our Blog for more information.)


Need more power outlets behind your TV? 


  • Do you need to connect power not only to your TV but hide the cable box, video streaming device, and more? This 4-way power splitter will do the work. It will allow you to connect up to 4 extra devices to the power outlet behind your TV. The power outlet has separate receptacle just for your TV so by using this splitter you can connect up to 5 devices. And if you need to reset them in case of a trouble, just pull the quick connect cable below the TV.

How about hiding the cable box and other equipment behind your TV? 


  • If want to hide the cable box, video streamer, and some other HDMI connected equipment behind your TV, and your TV supports 4K you may consider use the 3ft HDMI connecting cables by Legrand® The cables are 4K certified and without doubt are one of the best cables available on the market.

 How to get the electrical power behind the TV (without calling an electrician) and hide the connecting cables inside the wall.  


  • If you have the TV mount but you need the power behind the TV and don’t want the cables to be visible outside the wall, Legrand ® has the solution for you. The power extender will not only provide the electricity to your components but also will allow you to hide the connecting cables inside the wall. It will also serve as a quick disconnect from the power in case you need to reset your TV system.

Remote control your equipment located "behind the door" - MX450RF350COM

  • Controlling your TV equipment “behind the wall” can be little tricky. Regular IR extenders available on the market are not very dependable. It is kind of “hit and miss” game. Since you have to direct your remote straight on the “eye” of the IR receiver the remote commands may not reach the target at the same time and in effect the desired remote command may not be executed. MX-450 remote control and MRF-350 RF receiver is the best and most economical solution for “behind the door” remote control. It is simple to operate and very dependable. When programmed by our technician it will give the user many years of use. It simplicity and easy operation is legendary.

Is my home WIFI sufficient to support all the home WIFI connected devices?

  • The most common misconception about home WIFI is home WIFI. We hear this from every customer. “I have good WIFI in the house, but it is a little spotty”. Well, if it is a “little spotty” it is not a good WIFI. When you have WIFI signal send out by the internet company provided “free” router (you still have to pay the monthly lease fee) it may be sufficient for 800 sf apartment, but it will not efficiently cover a larger house area with the desired speed and strength. With existing walls, and cables and pipes inside the walls the signal deteriorate with every foot away from the router. The loos is not only in the strength of the signal (“I have 3 bars in my bedroom but I cannot access the internet”) but actually in the download and upload speed of the data. This will result in web pages “freeze” or not showing at all in your browser. Also, the generic cable company provided router may not be able to handle the number of devices connected to the system as well as the multiple streams of data and video may overload its capacity. The solution is: Router with high processor capacity and access points with network mesh and roaming. The rule of thumb is one (1) access point will approximately cover 1000 sf. We have several solutions available from wireless mesh network to wired roaming access points.