WiFi Networks

WiFi Networks

We offer whole house solutions for WiFi network devices in your home.

The most common misconception about home WIFI is home WIFI. We hear this from every customer. “I have good WIFI in the house, but it is a little spotty”. Well, if it is a “little spotty” it is not a good WIFI. When you have WIFI signal send out by the internet company provided “free” router (you still have to pay the monthly lease fee) it may be sufficient for 800 sf apartment, but it will not efficiently cover a larger house area with the desired speed and strength. With existing walls, and cables and pipes inside the walls the signal deteriorate with every foot away from the router. The loos is not only in the strength of the signal (“I have 3 bars in my bedroom but I cannot access the internet”) but actually in the download and upload speed of the data. This will result in web pages “freeze” or not showing at all in your browser. Also, the generic cable company provided router may not be able to handle the number of devices connected to the system as well as the multiple streams of data and video may overload its capacity. The solution is: Router with high processor capacity and access points with network mesh and roaming. The rule of thumb is one (1) access point will approximately cover 1000 sf. We have several solutions available from wireless mesh network to wired roaming access points.

Stress free streaming of movies and TV shows.

You love streaming content onto your TV or tablet. But the stunning picture clarity of digital HD means that your wireless network is working hard to download all the data. If your network and  Wi-Fi isn't up to the speed, movie night could mean a long night with the "buffering" message. We can solve this problem. 

PC's, laptops, tablets, game console.

Downloading data and pictures onto your computer? No more watching the progress bar. Watching videos and news on your tablet? No more  pauses for "buffering." Playing video games online? Be fast with super fast response, get ahead of the game with super fast and strong connection.